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For those looking for the truth about the Book of Abraham scandal, may I suggest the following two sites?

Dr. Jim Day's wonderfully balanced, "20 Truths About Mormonism" site: 20 Truths About Mormonism

The thoughtfully written, "MormonThink" website: MormonThink

What's this all about? After thinking long and hard, I have decided to change what I am doing with this website. Instead of competing with other websites to build interesting, relevant BofA content, I will now simply direct my internet traffic to these websites. I have selected two sites that cover the Book of Abraham problem from an honest, critical perspective. Both of the above-linked websites completely answer any question one might have regarding the Book of Abraham "problem." The only additional BofA info on this site is the truly epic article, "Examining the Book of Abraham" by Kevin Mathie.

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PS - Below, please find a few words about Charles Larson's excellent book, "By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus." Another good read is, "An Insider's View of Mormon Origins" by Grant Palmer.

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"...By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus"

by Charles M. Larson

Link to purchase the book at Amazon.Com

To say that this book changed my life is an understatement. The simple act of reading its pages set me free from Mormonism. I can still remember the feelings I experienced while reading the book: shock, anger, disbelief and relief...all at the same time. I recommend that you purchase this book and give it a chance. Below are several reviews posted on I agree with all of them.

This book was a wrecking ball to my testimony, January 29, 2004
Reviewer: Joe6969 "joe_in_seattle" (Seattle) - See all my reviews
Being born a mormon and an active member for 30 years, my testimony would not fall easily, until I read this book. First it was the temple ceremony that shook me up, but I hung on for several more years. Then I realized how silly the first vision story is, but I hung in there for another year. Then I stumbled upon some websites about the Book of Abraham controversy. I downloaded a free copy of this book, read it, and that was the end of my testimony. That's how powerful this book is. The great thing is, when you finish this book, you don't have to pray to find out if it is true because you already know it is. Well researched, well documented and Larson does a great job of explaining the issues to non-Egyptologists. This is a true "Work and Glory" for those interested in mormonism.

Good but LDS should not read this, November 29, 2003
Reviewer: Grey Echols (Tulsa, OK) - See all my reviews
This is a well written book which manages to not push an "anti-Mormon" agenda. However as an LDS I do not think others should read it. Why? Because it could destroy your faith in the Church. I am not trying to be clever. If you enjoy all of the good things the Church has brought into your life, do you care where it came from? No other Church has so short a history that it can be examined so closely by science. Otherwise we would find that they are all created on the backs of con-artist. I am willing to bet every religion was founded by a fraud. So who cares? Does religion bring us together? Does it bond a nation, a town, a family? If so then let it be. The truth is fleeting, and life is short. If believing in Santa makes children smile then believing in God makes adults smile. When children find out Santa isn't real, you kill a certain spark you can never get back. When you expose a Church as a fraud, you kill a little spark in all of us.

Another hole in the dam, August 12, 2002
Reviewer: A reader
The LDS church is growing quickly and the vast majority of members exhibit strong character and build strong families based on Christian ethics. I personally know several members, all of whom are "good" people. I mean this sincerely. However, this doesn't change the fact that LDS church history and Theology are riddled with contradictions, shady characters, and is just plain "odd". Joseph Smith, and his writings, are the source of much of the credibility problem. As long as the LDS remained "sequestered" in Utah, their theology did not come under heavy scrutiny. As the church grows and becomes higher profile, their history and beliefs and, most importantly, the sources of those beliefs, have come under very detailed review. And they aren't fairing too well. This book is well researched and well written. It's true that the author may be part of the anti-mormon crowd. But in the field of serious Christian theology, who isn't? Serious pro-mormon theologians are a rare breed. There's just not a leg to stand on. My guess is that the LDS will morph over time into a more mainstream Christian denomination. If not, the dam will burst and they will be washed away. Only time will tell.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, February 25, 2002
Reviewer: Eric C. Erickson "AxelDC" (Washington, DC United States) - See all my reviews
While there are numerous bits and pieces that don't quite add up in Mormonism, the Book of Abraham is where Joseph Smith gets caught red handed in his fabrications. Unlike the Book of Mormon, where the Angel Moroni spirited away the Golden Plates once Smith had finished his "translation", here is the documented proof that Smith was no "prophet, seer and revelator." Larson does an excellent job of tracing the controversy from the time that Smith first acquires the papyri through the first French translation by Champollion's students until the amazing discovery of the papyri in the late 1960s. His evangelical Christian agenda is apparent, but doesn't get in the way of his research until the last two chapters, when he presents his own religion as an alternative for disenchanted Mormons. Other than that, this is an excellent work. This is a must read for any Mormon or anyone curious about Mormonism. I have a hard time seeing how anyone could believe in Smith's tales after reading this damning book.

Still got the burning in the bosom?, September 5, 2001
Reviewer: Christian Sutinen "" (Ballincollig, Cork Ireland) - See all my reviews
It's amazing when offering to give this book to a Mormon they blindly refuse to even open the cover. They rely so heavily on their burning of the bosom and have been brain washed to not read anything that will expose the sham of Mormonism. The few that actually accept the book are left so shaken in their belief that if they are honest and can stand the peer pressure from family and friends will leave the organization all together after having read this book. The Bible have stood it's test of time and can defend itself against critics whilst the Mormon Books can't which is why the LDS organization strongly discourage Mormons to read books like this. A strong recommendation of a book to give to anyone that is visited by Mormons, have family and friends who belong to that Cult or Mormons that is prepared to put their faith in the spotlight.

Put down that book by Hugh Nibley! Read this first!, October 7, 1998
Reviewer: A reader
Although the author has done an excellent job in boiling down the available material on the Book of Abraham controversy to a single book, he has also (quite by accident, it seems,) given a detailed expose of the less than honest tactics employed by LDS apologists when defending a lost cause. Even if you skip everything regarding the papyri, this expose alone is well worth the price of the book. It is my opinion that anyone wishing to read *anything* written by LDS author Hugh Nibley would be very wise to read this book first.

Time to clear up a misinterpretation of the author, November 19, 2000
Reviewer: Ben Larson (Utah, USA) - See all my reviews
I have read many reviews for this book and it has come to my attention that most people find the book to be well-written and informative. However they feel that the last chapter is not as desirable. I am referring to the one that says OK let's all become Christian now. This is indeed troubling to most if not all readers, lets face it if you just read a book that brought question to your ingrained beliefs would you feel a bit sick after reading the last chapter? I would like to let people now that this is the same feeling that the author gets from the last chapter, I should know, I'm his son. At the time we were unable to publish the book without having financial backing. We were able to find this through a non-profit organization, their only requirement was that they be able to supply a chapter at the end of the book. The author, Charles M. Larson, did not write this chapter. We hope to soon be able to fund a second printing of the book the way the author originally intended it to be, a purely scholarly reference. This review is not a statement from the author and may not be taken or quoted as such.