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Short Topic Essays

Please email me your "short topic" essays regarding the Church in general, and the Book of Abraham specifically. I will collect them and post them here.

VERY DETAILED: "Examining the Book of Abraham" by Kevin Mathie

"The Perception of Mormon Evidence - Can We Trust the Book of Abraham?" The pictures in this article are great...they really help one understand the basic issues.

"The Egyptian Book of the Dead: An Introduction" by Marie Parsons

"The Breathing Permit of Hor' Among the Joseph Smith Papyri," Journal of Near Eastern Studies 62 (July 2003):161-80. by Dr. Robert Ritner, Prof. of Egyptology at the University of Chicago.
NOTE: This file is a big Adobe .PDF file so it will take a minute to load.

"The Book of Abraham Facsimiles: #1, #2, #3" official LDS version

"The Book of Abraham Overview" by the Wikipedia Encylopedia

Author Charles M. Larson faces religious discrimination for writing, "By His Own Hand..." Read a synopsis of the sad story by the author himself.

"Reducing Dissonance: The Book of Abraham as a Case Study" by Edward H. Ashment. This article speaks about the "Alphabet and Grammar" in some detail.

Learn about the ROSETTA STONE by The British Museum, Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan.

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